openHistorianv2.8.7 localhost issues

I installed openHistorian v2.8.7. I am not being able to see my device signals on grafana in the port where openHistorian has been hosted although all my devices are visible on openHistorian Manager and even I can trend them on Real Time Measurements on the local host port. Not sure what might be the issue.

Hi Dattatreya,

Seeing values in the real-time measurements view is a good sign that measurements are bing properly parsed and flowing through the system.

If they are not showing up in Grafana, it could mean the measurements are not being archived, or perhaps Grafana is not “aware” of the new points.

You can test if the points are being archived by using the “Trend / Export Data” screen. If you can trend data here, then the data is making it into the openHistorian archive.

One nuclear option to ensure that Grafana can see new points is to restart the openHistorian service.

If none of these items help, we may need to take a look at your logs - which given this is a release candidate, may not be a bad idea to begin with.


Hi Ritchie,
Thanks for getting back. Actually when I am also not able to see any data points in Trend/Export data although I can visualise real time measurements. Is it related to some configurational issues pertaining to the historian instance or local system related issue?