openHistorian Web manager landing page is not appearing after login

I’m facing below issue with an openHistorian web manager.

Issue: After entering username and password and clicked login button, authentication is success, but landing page is not appearing. Keep showing or hanging on login page.

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Created a user using openHistorian Manager (standalone tool)
  2. Go to System and “Configure Security” tab
  3. Select Authentication as “Database”
  4. Provide username and password and all details then click save.
  5. Now user is appearing at “Available users” list and select role as “Administrator” and move that user to “Allowed users” list.

Now user is created using “Database” authentication with admin role.

• Go to openHistorian Web Manager
• Enter newly created username and password and uncheck “Use Integrated Windows Authentication”
• Click Login

Result: Login screen is keep showing and not redirecting to landing page and no error is occurring and showing status as “Attempting Authentication”. The below URL was appearing in browser.


I checked traffic using fiddler, login request reached to server, but no response arrived back to UI.

Then I manually typed this URL http://localhost:8180/ in same browser session then gone to landing page.

Is there any parameter for Database authentication to handle this scenario?
Also I tried with various browsers (IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox) and different machines.

Environment: OpenHistorian 2.6.x

Thanks & Regards

Hi Stephen/Ritchie,

Is there any information on this query?


Hi Logu,

I just followed your steps, but I couldn’t reproduce the error. Upon entering the login credentials for the database user I created via openHistorian Manager, the web manager logged me in and took me right to the landing page.