OpenHistorian Unsigned with Grafana

Hello, I enter grafana through openhistorian but when I go to create a dashboard it tells me that the OpenHistorian plugin is unsigned and I can’t see any data of any PMU. How is this possible? I thought the connection would happen automatically.

I don’t know if you have found a solution to your issue.
On my side, (Grafana 8.1.2), I have added the unsigned plugins that I want to use in the Grafana\conf\custom.ini file in order to make Grafana not rejected them :
allow_loading_unsigned_plugins = gridprotectionalliance-openhistorian-datasource, openhistorian-datadownload-panel, grafana-pmumap-panel, gridprotectionalliance-osisoftpi-datasource, gridprotectionalliance-phasormap-panel, natel-discrete-panel, natel-plotly-panel, openhistorian-alarm-panel, scadavis-synoptic-panel

Hope that could help :slight_smile:

Thanks @Korunekosama, I agree that is the best work around for now.

FYI - we are actively working on getting these plugins signed by Grafana.