Openhistorian to OpenPDC (connected to PI)

I have a setup where I have a device sending data to an instance of OpenHistorian on VM1
VM2 has another instance of OpenHistorian in a DMZ via a Subscrition to VM1.

VM2 is the a publsiher to a cloud service.

What I would like to do is also use VM2 to publish to the OSI-Soft connector in OpenPDC to send the data being recieved at VM2 to PI. I know that OpenPDC has this connector, however can’t work out how to pass the data back from OpenHistorian to OpenPDC.

I saw this post"" however as the inputs devices are from a subscription I am unable to change the protocl to “Virtual Device”.

How do I setup the OpenHistorian to OpenPDC connection?

Thanks for your help


Not sure if it helps, but even openHistorian can send directly to OSI-PI. As long as the PI-SDK is installed the adapter will show up. FYI, it’s an “Output Adapter” - so you would go to the “Custom Output Adapters” and add a new adapter selecting OSI-PI adapter from the list.