OpenHistorian service Logon user deleted


By default, openHistorian service is configured with the user “./openHistorian”.
I configured my openHistorian service using local user and again try to switch the original user ./openHistorian, but this user is not available in local group.

Is it possible to get back the user without re-installation of openHistorian?
Is there any solution to get back? instead of creating new local user.
Also please let me know, if I create new local user, what are the privileges needs to be provided? as equal to ./OpenHistorian user.


The default openHistorian service account is NT SERVICE\openHistorian - this account only has a minimal set of rights granted to it by the installer - just enough to be able to successfully run the openHistorian service. The LocalSystem has basically unlimited rights on the local system so running as this user, in our opinion, is a security risk.

You can specify the NT SERVICE\openHistorian account in the service dialog as the user with no password - the password is system controlled.