openHistorian On Linux

I am looking to use openHistorian along side openPDC to store data as it comes into openPDC but I am not finding any information on how to install or run openHistorian on Linux.

I had found clear information for running openPDC on Linux and hoped someone could point me in the right direction for openHistorian.

I am running Ubuntu 22.04 with openPDC running nicely with Mono.

P.S. If anyone knows of documentation for storing data from openPDC to openHistorian I would appreciate that as well.

The “official” release of openHistorian on Linux is pending - right now the process is very manual. I’ll make this release very soon (will attempt to prioritize this work). The official release will have similar deployment steps that you find with the openPDC. See “openPDC POSIX Deployment Steps” in the latest openPDC release:

For now, if you have the Windows based openHistorian installed, you can connect it to your Linux openPDC using the openHistorian Manager UI tool and selecting Inputs > Subscription Based Inputs > Create Internal Subscription from the main menu.

From there select STTP for the protocol, use 7165 for the port and enter the IP or DNS name of the Linux machine. I typically “uncheck” the “Use source prefix” here as well so that the openHistorian metadata exactly matches that of the openPDC. Once the link is established, openHistorian information will automatically stay in-sync with the openPDC and it will be archiving data…

Hope that helps.


Hi Ritchie,

Thank you for such a quick response.

Its exciting to hear that you are possibly close to a Linux release, for the time being I will work with what we do have available to us.