openHistorian does not read my ActionAdapter that works in other PC

Hi all,
After some options, I´am here looking for help.

I will realy grateful if any of you could help me to read and use my adpater in my working station PC.
Why I can not read and use my ActionAdapters (.dll) in one PC that is working in other PC? How to fix it?

I have install openHistorian in two PC´s, The first one is my test environment, here I can find and use my adapters normally:


The second one is the working station and it has not been possible to read same adapters:


openHistorian has the same version in both PC´s.

What I already tried:

  • Copy and paste the .dll (from test PC to Working Station)
  • reboot
  • re-install
  • Compile platform in x64
  • Compile platform in Any CPU

Thank you in advance,

This is typically caused by different versions of the Grid Soultions Framework. So only if you use same “referenced” GSF assemblies that you used when you complied your action adapter will you be able to “see” your adapter in the list in the manager.

The first thing I would check it that the version of openHistorian on both PC’s is the same. You can check the version on home page of the openHistorian Manager (or Web Manager).

Note that even though the DLL does not show up in the manager, it typically will still work if you manually edit the CustomActionAdapters table in the openHistorian database and add the record by hand.



Also, one other trick you can do - if you create a new folder for your ActionAdapter, e.g.: C:\Program Files\openHistorian\MyCustomAdapter\ - and copy your DLL in that folder along with the dependent GSF dependencies your adapter uses, then in the openHistorian Manager screen you can enter the path to your adapter in the Custom Action Adapters screen (search directory text box), then your adapter should show up in the list…


Thank you very much Ritchie,

We have achieved it. I used same GSF assemblies that I used when I compiled the adapter.

.NET Framework versions was dfferenet as well:

  • test environment (working normally): 4.7.2
  • working station: 4.6.2 (not working) updated to 4.7.2 (Now the adapter is working! :smile: )

I’m really grateful,
Brayan A

Excellent! So glad to hear that is working.