openHistorian 2.0 Utilities

How to launch from openHistorian 2.0 Utilities like:

  • Data Trending Utility
  • Data Extraction Utility


For trending and extraction of data in the openHistorian 2.0, you can use the built-in web tool that is designed to plot data and export to COMTRADE or CSV. You can use the following URL to reach it, though you will have to replace “historian-server” with the hostname of the server that the openHistorian is installed on.


From there, you will need to select data points on the Select Points tab. Select your time range by switching to either the Trend Data tab or Export Data tab for trending or data extraction respectively.

How is the resolution for the CSV Data?
Is possible 20ms?

Certainly. Time in the historian itself is stored in ticks, i.e., 100-nanosecond intervals. The web based CSV exporter exports time as a string in milliseconds, so you can get down to 1/1000 of a second in the CSV files currently - but this could be easily adjusted for higher resolutions.

So this is probably a dumb question but how do I start whatever hosts the web tool? When I first installed open historian I was able to navigate to localhost:8180 and navigate the page without issues. Since I’ve restarted my computer I can’t seem to figure out how to start up the service again.

Service should automatically run - you might make sure service is actually running (Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Services - look for openHistorian)

I started a new topic for this. I found a workaround fix.