OpenHistorian 2.0 Input Wizard Configuration


Could anyone help me with this error when I tend to add the device. I have managed to add the connection and configuration files in the previous steps:

PS. I am able to stream and archive data from the same device with OpenPDC.


I recall an issue with the “Phasor” field not existing in the target database that would cause this.

I suggest installing nightly build and using with a new (or migrated) configuration database:

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Thanks Rithie, the problem has been solved with using nightly build. The environment looks pretty much identical to OpenPDC, so I don’t understand why to use this. One can also store .csv file modifying OpenPDC output adapter configuration!

Also another question is that why unlike OpenPDC that responds to system variable (e.g. frequency) changes, the OpenHistorian datastream does not reflect the change!


Not sure I understand what you are asking - are you saying the graph measurement screens doesn’t show frequency trends?

It is showing the frequency trends, but there are some instances that it does not correspond and update on its display screen a change of frequency in the hardware PMU.