OpenECA MATLAB Project

Hi all.
I have the same problem discussed here: the project built in C# works fine, but the project built in Matlab is unable to run. 2 years have passed and I was wondering if there has been any progress.
The Program.m is the following:
When the instruction Application.Run is executed, the program is stalling, nothing happens and I have to abort the execution of matlab.
Can you help me to understand how the Matlab files have to be used?
Thank you in advance.

We recently updated the Matlab interface with the openECA You can get the newest version at at This does fix a number of issues and I suggest upgrading to this version. This should hopefully fix your issues but feel free to let me know if you still run into any problems.

Thank you,
Christoph Lackner

Dear Christoph,
thank you for your help.
When I start the Visual Studio solution, I get the openeca console where the tcp connection takes place, but then I receive an error message that notifies that client has disconnected because username and password are required. Unfortunately I don’t understand what he is referring to.
Unfortunately I’m not so familiar with Visual Studio Projects. Would you be kind enough to show me a guide or tutorial to use the project you sent me? Or a solution for straightforwardly install the new version in Windows.
Thank you in advance.

Annalisa Liccardo

Hi Annalisa,

If it helps, there is also an installer for the nightly build you can use instead.


Dear Stephen,
thank you! This versione effectively solves the Matlab-related bugs.
Best Regards,