No output data on OpenPDC after connecting with OPAL-RT

I currently have a model consisting of IEEE-39 bus system and C37 protocol. This model is working perfectly in Simulink and RT-Lab. The communication system is also working as output is visible on PMU Connection Tester Software. However, when I try to obtain this in OpenPDC software, the PMU names are getting displayed but no data is recorded as output?!
Any help will be appreciated.

Are the timestamps being reported by the OPAL-R device in UTC? The screen in the openPDC Manager is sensitive to timestamps being in UTC.

There are settings that are accessible via the “Display Settings” link above the chart on the “Graph Measurements Screen” that can adjust for clock delays - but typically this helps with “seconds” of flux, not “hours”.

Also, the bubble on the device appears to be “Red”, please note the following meanings for the colors here:

  • Gray means that the Manager has received no relevant data or statistics to determine the state of the device.
  • Green means the device is connected and all measurements are green.
  • Yellow typically means it has at least one measurement with red text (bad data).
    • Could also mean the device reported errors (via statistics based on status flags).
    • The way to determine what it actually means would be to inspect the measurements and statistics.
  • Red means the data stream is disconnected (according to statistics).

It looks like the device is not properly connected?