No instance and no trend in the open historian web page,


I have installed the OpenHistorian on my PC with two input PMUs. The openhistorian interface is working properly, but
On the OpenHistorian web page in “Trend/Export measurement” tab, there is no option under the “instance” drop down and as a result I cannot select and export any data as n the first figure.
Similarly in the input devices tab, there is no item in the drop down under “instance” except “Do Not Archive” as in the second figure.

In the openhistorian interface, I have two pmus as input, two historian instances, two Historian Adapters as local output adapters, and one node (although I don’t know the purpose of the node).

would you pleas help me to solve this issue.

Best Regards,

Do you know which version you are using?

I’m using openHistorian v2.6.

I need to have the web manager data export of the Open Historian. Can anyone help me with that.

How are you adding devices to the openHistorian? I would suggest adding the new devices using the openHistorian Manager (not the web UI). When this is working you can then use the web UI to extract data. The web UI for adding new devices is very new code and may have an issue we are unaware of.


Thanks RitcheCarrol.
I’ve added the inputs via the software Historian manager not the web one. On the software interface everything is working fine but in the web there is no the historians to choose from.

Which browser type are you using? Chrome?

If you press F12 on the browser - does it show any errors?