Multple FDR or PMU with the same port?

One utility asked us if multiple FDRs can stream data to a same port of the server. Now I’m trying to receive multiple FDRs’ data from the same port with OpenHistorian. I’m wondering if OpenPDC and OpenHistorian is capable of doing this, receiving and parsing data of multiple FDRs / PMUs from the same port? And what if the multiple FDRs / PMUs are using different protocols, such as FNET and C37?

Here are some details what I’m doing. 2 FDRs (1463 and 1464) are streaming to the same port of the server, and I added the 2 FDRs to OpenHistorian using new device wizard and PMU connection testor. If I enabled both of the 2 FDRs in openHistorian manager, the openHistorian service can’t start. I have to disable the FDRs, start the service, then enable the FDRs one by one. The the console shows the error message as below: “Only one usage of each socket address is normally permitted…”.
But when I checked the real-time measurements, the GUI of openHistorian manager shows receiving data from both of the two FDRs. However, the data percentage is very poor and it seems the 2 FDRs data never refreshed at the same time. It looks like the 2 FDRs alternativly occupied the port to get socket connection and only 1 connection can exist.
Any information is appreciate!


You can do this. Each F-NET device that has islistener = true in its connection string also needs to add ; receiveFrom = <fnet-ip-address> to the connection string, e.g.:

islistener = true; receiveFrom =

This will allow multiple F-NET listeners on the same port and data will be separated to the correct device connection based on the F-NET device’s IP.


Hi Ritchie,
Thank you for your information! We will try your method. But we have some problem to specify the ip of FNET devices. One scenario is FNET server forward data to the same port of openHistorian. In this case, the receiveFrom address are same. Another scenario is that some device is using dynamic IP adress, which may change with time. Is there any solution for these two case?


In the scenario of the forwarding server are you distinguishing data by ID in the packet?

Actually it is an Utility asked us if multiple FDRs can stream to the same port. The device is capable of streaming to the same port. FNET server currently does not have this feature, but after modification it could have. Right now we are investigating if openHistorian/PDC have this feature since the utility maybe using openHistorian/PDC as their data receiver.
Yes, in the future we will distinguish data by ID in the package, and before it, we may also have to distinguish FNET protocol and C37 protocol package.