Modifying Text in UI of openHistorian localhost for customer demo

Hi Ritchie,
As a part of our customer demo we are planning to abstract all instances of “openHistorian” with Analytics. Is there an easy way to implement that in our end? To illustrate please find the screenshot below with the text highlighted in yellow: -

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For the login page, the header is controlled in the code in the openHistorian project file ServiceHost.cs. In my version of the source code this is line 283, but yours should be near by that - here is the line:

Startup.AuthenticationOptions.LoginHeader = $"<h3><img src=\"/Images/{Model.Global.ApplicationName}.png\"/> {Model.Global.ApplicationName}</h3>";

You can change that header to whatever you like.

The header HTML is controlled by ...\openHistorian\wwwroot\Layout.cshtml - look right after the <body role="document"> tag. That text is in an anchor, i.e., <a href=""> tag, exposed by @Model.Global.ApplicationName - just change the text accordingly.

Alternately, you can just hard code your name in ServiceHost.cs by changing the assignments of the following:

Model.Global.ApplicationName = "openHistorian";
Model.Global.ApplicationDescription = "openHistorian System";

Near line 244 - note however you will need to change the name of your logo file to match.

Also, per the Config Name you have highlighted is already under your control when you configure the openHistorian, you can pick any configuration name you like when you run the configuration setup utility. In your case you are using a SQLite database, so just pick another file name.

Hi Ritchie,
Can you please share the path where ServiceHost.cs is located?

It’s the folder above wwwroot