Lost samples when converting IEC to IEEE

Gday all :slight_smile:

I have been using openHistorian with Grafana for a few years now with great success.

Recently I have been trying to stream synchrophasor data from my PMU directly into PC software (Doble Protectio Suite) for automated FPGA evaluations. The PMU streams IEC (61850) packets, the PC software requires IEEE (C37.118) packets, and openHistorian doesn’t allow the conversion of packet protocols. Therefore I am now using openPDC which supports this feature.

I am now streaming IEC (61850) packets directly from the PMU to an input device in openPDC, then streaming IEEE (C37.118) packets from an output device to the PC.

This is working fine and the software is receiving the stream and performing evaluations. However, samples are being lost periodically (every 7th, 16th and 24th sample). I have verified that prior to conversion no samples are lost. Therefore it must be the conversion process that is causing this sample loss.

Are there attributes I can configure in the output device to rectify this issue?
Has anyone used SteamSplitter for this purpose?
Any advice would be much appreciated.


Hello JoshM87,

Based on your description, it sounds to me as though the concentrator might be downsampling your input device’s frames. On the openPDC Console, you can use the list command to get a detailed status about your device which you should be able to use to determine if that’s the case. If I’m right, you may need to adjust the time resolution or enable the Round to Nearest Timestamp option in your IEEE C37.118 output stream.


Stephen is spot on here - but I am curious as to why you say openPDC is required, as the openHistorian should be able to directly consume IEC 61850 packets.