Kafka producer configurations

Hi community,

Is there a way to run the kafka producer adapter with advanced connection parameters. Our use case is that we have several kafka-clusters(environments) in our organization. We are able to publish from openPDC to our development cluster using default configurations, but our production kafka-clusters are highly secured and need additional producer configurations like.

Is there a way to provide these additional properties to the openPDC client.

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We’ve not updated the Kafka adapter in some time - it might need a refresh to support what you are asking.

It looks to me as though the underlying Misakai.Kafka library is designed to be minimal and lightweight, to the point that it doesn’t support authentication at all. I believe we’d have to select an entirely different library.

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Hi @StephenCWills and @ritchiecarroll,

Thanks for your responses and informing on the root cause. I checked the Misakai library myself and yes there is no support for adding the additional configurations.

Just wanted to check if there are any efforts in progress already to support latest configuration for kafka… like replacing the underlying Misakai with official Kafka client.