Issue when changing the label (name) of the devices channels in an Output Stream

Hi guys. I am trying to change the labels (names) of the channels of a device in an Output Stream, but I get an exception error:

I’m using openPDC with a SQLite database. It seems that it can’t write the new label in the database when I click in the button.

Do you know anything about that? Or how can I do that? Actually I have some devices (PMUs) sending synchrophasors to my openPDC and I need to send some C37.118 streams with those data, but with different channel names (labels) from the original PMUs. I can’t change the original channel names, and the best solution I could find was to change those names (labels) individually at each Output Stream.


Well that’s not good - @chefsteph9, please see if you can replicate - if you can, should be easy enough to fix.

Also, @mnagostini - you might see if issue still happens in nightly build, this could have been fixed already:


FYI, I was able to reproduce this error in the nightly build. I also found the problem and fixed it.

The fix hasn’t been rolled down yet so the error is still exists the nightly build. The rolldown process is in progress, though, so the fix should be available in the nightly builds in about 15 minutes.


Hi guys. Nice! I’ll test with the nightly build soon, and I let you know.


Hi guys. I tested the change of labels with the today’s nightly build ( and it is working fine!

Thanks again for the fast answer. Please let me know if we can help testing any other openPDC feature here.