Interfacing MATLAB IEEE 14-bus system with openPDC

I appreciate anyone here telling me, could Simulink IEEE 14-bus system interfacing with openPDC so that PMU from 14 bus system stream phasor data to openPDC and monitor.

I am not familiar with this simulation tool, but if it’s simply a power system model then you would need a PMU-like function to produce a downsampled representation of the phasors from the simulation (maybe this?:

This output would then need to be fed into an IEEE C37.118 protocol generator to push the output onto IP for real-time consumption by the openPDC.

Certainly Matlab supports integration of .NET components, so it is theoretically possible that you use the open source code used by openPDC to do IEEE C37.118 protocol generation, but it will likely take some coding to make this work properly.

I found this Matlab code for C37, but it’s a parser not a generator, that is, it takes a stream of C37 “in”, it does not produce one going “out” - these are mirror operations:

Perhaps instead you can simply ask the question to the authors of the Matlab tool, more specifically, “Can the Simulink IEEE 14-bus system be setup to output IEEE C37.118?”. If the answer to this question is yes, then you can likely connect the output to openPDC.


Thank you very much Sir for your kind response.