Input device configuration error

I got a PSL microPMU device. After successfully test the connection with PMUConnectionTester, I ran into a problem when I tried adding an input device to openPDC.
The error msg was like the attachment picture:
I am sure that both the IP address and port number are the same as the setting in PMUConnectionTester.
Does anyone know how to solve it by any chance? Thanks!

Is the PMU Connection Tester still running? The device may not support multiple connections.

Also, you can save a connection file from the connection tester and use this to configure your openPDC

Thanks for the reply.
No, the connection tester wasn’t running.
And I just tried using the connection file from connection tester to configure but still get the same error.

Is this running on the same machine as the PMU Connection Tester? Also can I see a copy of your connection string?

looks like it’s just waiting for a connection, you can see that occasionally on a UDP style connection. If it’s on the same machine as the PMU Connection Tester, I would suspect it’s not a firewall issue.

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Yes, it is running on the same machine as the PMU Connection Tester. The picture below is a copy of my connection string.

Try changing the interface value to

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Also I suggest setting the parameter keep commandchannelopen to true

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I just did what you said. But still the same error.

I think we should add the openPDC executable to your firewall exclusion list, sometimes PMU connection tester gets added to this list automatically because it asks when you run the program. This won’t happen with the openPDC since it’s a window service.

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I just did. And even turn off the firewall. Still the same error :cry:

Seems unusual to me - what version of openPDC are you using?

Perhaps you can try restarting openPDC service and trying again?


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The version is

I restarted by clicking the Restart-Service button but still not working. I was wondering do you mind having a quick zoom meeting to check my problem. It’s totally okay if you do mind. I appreciated your help. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sure - I can do that.

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Thank you so much!
I will send you my link by direct message.

Thanks for your time!
You really save my life! I appreciated all your help!
Have a good night!

No problem - good luck with your project.

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