I am unable to add a PMU device in openHistorian


I installed openHistorian, and I want to transfer the streaming data into a CSV file. But I am unable to add the PMU device in the openhistotian manager. I checked the connection with PMU connection tester, and it works fine. But when I try to add the same PMU connection to openhistorian, I am unable to finish the process. I get the following error when i click on finish. My final goal is to save the streaming files into a CSV file.

P.S. - when I add the same device inopenPDC, it will be added.

I would like to know which software should I use to save data streaming from PMUs?

Looks like the database is missing the “BaseKV” field. Can you re-install latest openHistorian making sure to either (1) create a new database, or (2) migrate your existing config to a new database when the configuration setup utility runs after installation.

Download latest openHistorian from here:



Hello Sir, thank you for your help, your advice was really helpful, and yes now I am able to add PMU configuration in openHistorian manager. Also, while using the web version of openHistorian, I am able to view the real time measurements. But when I try to trend the data for the previous 5 minutes in openHistorian, It does not display any graph. Also when I export the csv file, it has no data. I have attached a screenshot for the same.

Adnan Iqbal

Are you sure your device timestamps are GPS aligned? You may have to zoom way out to find device data if timestamp is off…

Hello Sir,
I am using a Real Time Digital Simulator to generate software PMU measurements with 30 frames/second. For timestamps, I have not used a GPS clocks, instead I have used on card-oscillator for generating 1PPS clock signal.

Also no current values are refreshing in the trend/Export Measurement page, whereas at real-time measurements, I get all signals.

Is this error occurring because of not using a GPS clock?

Adnan Iqbal

Well - it could be because the timestamps are not anywhere near “current time”. I would look at the simulation software documentation to see what it uses for timestamps - if you can use “local clock”, that might help.

What timestamp do you see when you connect via PMU Connection Tester?

I suspect your data is in the system, but it could be back at “date zero” or something.

Yes Sir, you are right. I see the date starts from 01-01-2011. Maybe it is because I have disable the SNTP (simple network time protocol) while configuring the clock settings. I think if I am able to set it up, I may get the data.

Adnan Iqbal

Hello Sir, I configured my SNTP server, and was able to get correct timestamps. Thanks for the help. The problem I faced is solved.

Adnan Iqbal

Glad to hear it! Good luck with your project.