How use connection tester with a tesla?

Hi everyone im new to this software, but im trying to understand , i have the next situation ;

I have a tesla unit a “disturbances register,” in this unit i can configure a PMU IP so i wanna read it using the PMU conecction tester but i get the next error " cant stablish the connection because the destiny rejected the conecction"

the ip I use on the tesla

the computer wich i use the connection tester program has the, so the thing i dont know is if the option of pmu on my tesla its like a type of gateway or something, i know this question maybe silly can someone help to understand this.


Couple things:

(1) Make sure ForceIPv4 under the Settings tab is set to True
(2) make sure the PMU Connection Tester settings look like the following:

From what I’m reading, the Tesla PMU option is acting as a PMU, not a gateway. Keep in mind, the PMU Connection Tester is acting as the PDC, so any instructions asking you to enter information about the PDC or DC is referring to the system on which you are running PMU Connection Tester. It looks like their configuration requires you to enter the “IP Address of Data Concentrator” for TCP connections so it may be refusing the connection if it doesn’t come from the configured IP.

yes the client didnt tell me if he wanted a Data concentrator, he only wanted to acces the pmu of the tesla units, right now i was avaible to do so by using the udp, this a sc of a tesla unit with the ip and my computer with the ip

note: if i change the ip of my computer and cant not longer acces the pmu data.