How to use Sequence Calculator in openHistorian

I have added PowerCalculations.SequenceCalculator in openHistorian Manager. But I am unable to figure out how to use this feature. When I am selecting Manage Power Calculations I do not find an option for SequenceCalculator.
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To turn on a single sequence calculator for the adapter you mention, you will need to manually create the output measurements for each sequence result angle and magnitude. Then you need map the needed A, B and C input angles and magnitudes and the measurements you just created to the outputs.

This is tedious and often not so fun, so we created a “Bulk Sequence Calculator” adapter. This calculator will automatically create output measurements for all sequence input values for A, B, C phasors it can find and map - with minimal adapter configuration. Behind the scenes it is creating a single sequence calculator adapter for each A, B, C voltage or current set it can match.

I would definitely backup my current configuration before turning this on because it can create lots of tags and you may want to start over with a different set of configuration options, like just calculating positive sequence, for example.