How to use openPDC with MySQL and PMU

I have implemented openPDC following this link openPDC/ at master · GridProtectionAlliance/openPDC · GitHub

I took the sample1344 capture file data to follow the those steps.

I am using Mysql database.

I want to know how to access data stored in this database in MySQL command line client.

openPDC can store data in mySQL automatically? Or do we have to configure anything?

When I use a real PMU and stream it over the local network to openPDC, the real time data is stored in the MySQL databse, how can I access it?

AS I know, in a basic use the MySQL database is only used to store metadata / parameters that are declared in OpenPDC (PMU informations, measurements descriptions U / I / F …) ; but not the timeseries values that are sent to OpenPDC by PMUs and PDCs. These data are stored by default in the …\openPDC\Archive\ folder in .d files.
The only way to store data in a MySQL DB is to configure a dedicated custom output adapter ; but don’t sure that this type of DB is optimised to store a such important amount of data at a high frequency.

If you want to see what are the data stored in your MySQL DB, I recommand Heidisql which is a free portable software.

To visualize the timeseries received by openPDC, I use OpenHistorian : OpenPDC received and concentrate timeseries ; then send them to OpenHistorian. I then can visualize them with a Grafana dashboard, which is included in the OpenHistorian solution.

Hope this help,