How to split "Remote Udp" stream


So in PMU Connection Tester you can select the Udp connection parameters, set your port, and then select "enable Mulitcast/Remote Udp"
My question is how would you use the stream splitter to split this stream?

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So if I use the test connection software it will work. How do I then use the stream splitter to split this stream?

Click the “+” button under UDP Rebroadcasts and add another UDP output destination.

Also note that with TCP, you can already have multiple simultaneous connections - you can test this yourself by running several instances of the PMU Connection Tester and each connecting to the same machine TCP port. On UDP you will need to target unique machine:port destinations.

Another option is to use multicast which will create a broadcast stream which gets split at the router.



1st thanks for replying.
So on the PMU connections tester IP is a different machine that is sending on UDP port 4723. IP is the machine where PMU connection tester/ Stream splitter software is located.
So the first image/ PMU connection test shows I can receive data from and set a random local Udp port.
Second image, if I select listening port 4722 and try and forward back to nothing is happening.

So I don’t understand how to setup stream splitter to recieve like the PMU connection tester.


Two applications on the same machine cannot listen on the same UDP port at the same time.

I understand that. I guess what I am really trying to do is have the stream splitter subscribe to a mulitcast from Can stream splitter subscribe to a multicast?

Certainly - you just need to use a multicast address, and the publisher (assuming openPDC?) needs to publish to the multicast address.

Can i see a screen shot of stream splitter subscribing to a mulitcast?

Sorry - the UI is not so helpful here - but it will work. You need to add ; server=; remoteport=5000 to the connection string manually:

Thank you. I think that worked. Just waiting for IT to open some ports.

thank you for your help.