How to kill openHistorian process on windows 7?

Hi, I am have administrator privilege on my windows 7 machine, but I still cannot kill the process while it’s running via the task manager. The user of the openHistorian.exe process is openHistorian. How can I kill it?
Would you please also tell me which part of the code actually write the SystemConfiguration.xml file to ConfigurationCache directory? Once I use the ConfigurationSetupUtility.exe to set it up, the SystemConfiguration.xml will be deleted by the end of the process but regenerated by the restarting the openHistorian.exe, but I cannot find the code that actually write the xml file.

Thank you very much!

An administrator account should have permissions to kill the process. You may need to click a button or check a box to “Display processes for all users”. If all you’re trying to do is stop the service, I would recommend using the Windows Services Manager instead.

As for the code that produces the SystemConfiguration.xml file, here is a link.

Thank you very much! Yes, I can stop the service. But I cannot remove it from the list of services or kill the process.

And I also find that if I don’t stop the service, even if I restart my computer, the service will restart itself automatically. Is that true?

Is there a way to remove the process completely? Do I have to stop the service then restart my computer?

Thanks again!

The process is the running instance of openHistorian.exe, which for the most part can only be launched by starting the service. Stopping the service is the recommended way of ending the process. It is possible to kill the process, thus forcing the process to terminate, using the Processes tab in Task Manager. However, the service is configured by default to detect unexpected process termination and restart automatically so you will likely see the process reappear. Also, the service is, by default, configured with a startup type of Automatic which means it will automatically be started when the system boots.

If you would like to terminate the process, I recommend simply stopping the service. If you don’t want the process to start automatically when the system boots, change the service’s startup type to Manual or Disabled. If you would like to completely remove openHistorian from your system, you should uninstall it.