How to get the interpolation data using aggregate method

we want to get the interpolation value,it not the raw value, we can’t find the sdk method to do it, please help us, thanks!

I don’t understand what you mean. Interpolation and aggregation are two separate analyses, and I don’t believe that one can be used to achieve the other. Can you clarify? Also, what SDK are you using?


If we have three raw data as below:

Tag1 1:00:00 value:10

Tag1 1:00:10 value:20

Tag1 1:00:30 value:50

We want to get the interpolate date on the time 1:00:05 and 1:00:18 ,

how to get the interpolation data quickly from openhistorian?

It really depends on what type of interpolation you’d like to perform. The openHistorian doesn’t natively support interpolation, but you can do a query over a time range and run an interpolation algorithm over the result. This would be easy enough using C# source code.

GSF provides some curve fitting functions in the GSF.NumericalAnalysis namespace.

You can also use a math library such as Math.NET which provides functions for different types of interpolation.