How to embed statistic into an input adapter?

I created the OPC DA input adapter and want to embed some statistic into it, but failed to find samples/sources/docs. It’s so time consuming to research the source files, I’m stacked in the middle.

Just to verify your question, you have an OPC DA adapter you created yourself, and you want to create statistics for your new adapter? We have a presentation from a GPA User’s Forum that talks about this you can reference:
Custom Adapters 101 - Tutorial Session 4 - 2013 GPA User’s Forum

Still looks accurate.


Also, here is a good example of an adapter that produces its own statistics. This is an adapter that launches an executable process, then tracks its CPU usage, memory usage and up-time as three new statistics:

Here are the records added to the Statistic table to make this work:

ID Source SignalIndex Name Description AssemblyName TypeName MethodName Arguments Enabled DataType DisplayFormat IsConnectedState LoadOrder
169 Process 1 CPU Usage Percentage of CPU currently used by the launched process. FileAdapters.dll FileAdapters.ProcessLauncher GetProcessStatistic_CPUUsage 1 System.Double {0:N3} 0 1
170 Process 2 Memory Usage Amount of memory currently used by the launched process in megabytes. FileAdapters.dll FileAdapters.ProcessLauncher GetProcessStatistic_MemoryUsage 1 System.Double {0:N3} 0 2
171 Process 3 Up Time Total number of seconds the launched process has been running. FileAdapters.dll FileAdapters.ProcessLauncher GetProcessStatistic_UpTime 1 System.Double {0:N3} 0 3

Will look at them, thanks.