How to connect OpenPDC with Influx?

Hello to everyone,
I’m trying to connect OpenPDC with Influx using Window 10 (I must use this OS) but I’m getting a lot of problems. I’m not even sure if I’m doing it in the right way. I’m trying both with Influx1.8 and Influx2.0 without getting grat results. Is there a kind of tutorial or something to do that? Or maybe someone did it already or knows how to do it and can help me writing a couple of lines here?
I thank anyone who can give me some help.

Several people have used the STTP2HIDS tool to help with this:

It basically uses STTP (IEEE 2664) to collect streaming data from openPDC and then send this to InfluxDB.


> Forward STTP from to InfluxDB on

> Forward STTP to InfluxDB with a specific token ID:
       STTP2HIDS -t=Qv02== openhistorian:7175 influxdb:8086