How to connect OpenPDC (Linux) to OpenPDC Manager (Windows)

Hello to everyone, I’m trying to connect OpenPDC (installed on Linux Debian) to OpenPDC Manager on the Windows Machine.
I would like to connect with OpenPDC Manager on this OpenPDC on linux to change its settings.
I tried to connect but no information is displayed. In the log files of OpenPDC (Linux) the message below is shown at times.

Error occurred while connecting client to remoting server - Unable to authenticate connection to client []: Authentication failed, see inner exception.

I tried to create a new node and entered the information

String Connection:
RemoteStatusServerConnectionString={server=REMOTE_IP_HERE:8500; integratedSecurity=true}; dataPublisherPort=6165; AlarmServiceUrl=http://REMOTE_IP_HERE:5018/alarmservices

I set up the linux environment with the tutorial:

OpenPDC Linux version 2.4.120
OpenPDC Manager version 2.4.120

I need to use this version due to current project in development.

Hello Nicolas,

The instructions in the Run Remotely section for openPDC Console on pages 7 and 8 suggest that you should be using integratedSecurity=false in your RemoteStatusServerConnectionString.