How to configure database (SQL Server) to save Frecuency data on timeseries data table


I need to save frecuency data from a PMU. So please provide the configuration details.

This is my connection string:

DbConnectionString={Server=localhost\SQLEXPRESS;Database=openPDC;User Id=adminpdc;Password=4dm1npdc;}; InputMeasurementKeys=ec78eecd-a1c1-4caf-b838-48a433b0232f; RequeueOnException=False; TableName={TimeSeriesMeasurement;}

I have tried configuring from manage custom outputs and also Historian Instance, but when I do a select on my table there isnt data.

Please your help,

thanks & Regards

The openHistorian is not a SQL database, it stores time-series data in a more compact format. If you are using openHistorian, the web interface includes a screen where you can trend and export selected measurements over a selected time range. The exports currently include CSV and COMTRADE.

Archiving values directly to a database can be accomplished using built-in adapters, however, this is more complex to configure, and databases commonly do not “keep up” with the speed of incoming phasor data.

I would recommend taking your openPDC and sending it to openHistorian for easier extraction.

If you really want to use a SQL database so you can query data, search the discussions boards here, you will find many examples of discussions on this very topic.