How to add the "Sequence Calculator" function in the OpenHistorian manager?

Dear all,

In the “Manage Custom Actions” of the OpenHistorian manager, there is a “Type” to add different output. I would like to add the “Sequence Calculator”. I am not sure how to add it. Could you please advise me how to add the “Sequence Calculator” function ?


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That calculator has a complex set of inputs and outputs, as you might suspect.

For inputs you need A, B and C phases for a voltage or current phasor, i.e., angle and magnitude pair: see initialization code.

Outputs are variable based on configuration, i.e., which combination sequences do you want, positive, negative, or zero?

Recently, we also added a “BulkSequenceCalculator” that will auto-configure inputs and outputs and enable a calculator for each mapped A, B, C where phasors defined in the local configuration can be matched.

This tool is available in the nightly build of the phasor products, e.g., openPDC / openHistorian / SIEGate and will be included in the next official release of these tools (expected later this month).

My suggestion would be to use the “bulk” tool as it is much simpler to set up and even with the bulk tool you can add a filter expression to the inputs to reduce that calculators to a target set of devices.