How to add a new protocol

I am trying to add a new protocol in OpenPDC or Openhistorian ,I have known that I need to create my own input adapter and add a table in my configure database.So I downloaded GSF’s source code,I found that these codes maybe useful to create my protocol.
1601254710(1) 1601255680(1)
In my view ,I need to follow the following steps:
Firstly, I need to add a new protocol in GSF.Phasorprotocol.;
Secondly,I need to create my input adapter to map the measurements from my device like PhasorPotocolAdapters.PhasorMeasurementMapper.cs;
Finally,I need to add the input adapter into OpenPDC.
By the way ,the new protocol is changed from IEEEC37.118.2 but maybe more complicated.

Please point out my mistakes and give me some advice .Thank you very much!


A protocol can be any kind of input adapter. You just need to add the details to the Protocol table.