How do I send data out of openPDC (i.e. send phasor data to a CSV file?)

So as the title states, I am trying to send data out of the openPDC. I have created output streams, and a custom output that should create a CSV file, but am unsure how to link the two together or even how to run the process.

Is there any documentation I am missing? I’ve read and reread this manual:

I feel like I have missed something and that this isn’t a hard process.


Not sure I exactly understand what you are trying to accomplish. Are you trying to read data from a CSV file (as an input) and then replay the data as an IEEE C37.118 stream (as an output)?


Ultimately I’d like to stream the data directly into a Python program via a IEEE C37.118 stream. I wrote a python program that allows me to stream data from my PMU directly through the program. But, if I have multiple PMU’s I’d like to run them through the openPDC manager and stream that outputted data to Python (or MATLAB or something like that).


Have you looked at our openECA project?

This project will already stream data to IronPython and Matlab.

The project will take synchrophasor data, organize the data into structures, then operate on these structures in your desired target development environment. We currently support C#, F#, VB, IronPython and Matlab - we are adding support for C++, Java and perhaps native Python.

See presentation for more information:


No I haven’t yet.

Thank you! I will look into this.


As I know the documentation is limited for openECA. I have some issues in configuring openECA.

One of the issues I have is in mappings: in openECA manger I can see the real, reactive, and apparent. but I cant see it when I trying to map in openECA client. I Attached 2 pictures one for openECA manger and the other one for openECA client

It looks like the Graph Measurements page had a filter that was removing analog values from the display. This should be fixed in the latest nightly build. Here’s the commit where it was fixed.