How do I check the precision time between 2 devices?

Title. After 2 devices are synced, how do I know the precision between them?

On a Windows machine, you can run this from an admin command prompt:

w32tm /stripchart /computer:othermachine

I’m getting the following problema, how do I solve it?

Looks like the service may not be running. Go to Windows Services application (services.msc) and find PTPSync, make sure the service is started.


It worked! Thank you ^^.

I’m having trouble in sincronizing two computers here. When i check the time uptdate in the PTPSync Manager screen on both computers, they have a difference between them, something around 2 seconds. Do you know how can i put them on the exact same server time?

Glad you got the service running.

My suggestion is to double check the configuration of the PTP configuration, see here:

The PTP clock will need to be accessible and broadcasting in order for the computers to properly synchronize. The console application should also provide feedback on if the clock sync was successful.


Every time I try to save any changes a get that error, do you know how can I change this?

Either change permissions on the database file or else run PTPSync Manager as admin.

It worked, thank you!

Where I can see that feedback in the console application?

Sorry for being too much rookie on that, I study electrical engineering actually, trying to sincronize 2 computers in order to perform some simulations.

Try typing initialize PTPD!PROCESS into the console. This will show initialization feedback.

Also, make sure the verbosity option is on in the adapter for more feedback. The -V option, which is on initially, puts the ptpd engine in highly verbose mode which includes debug messages. This option is good for validating that things are working. You can also use the -d option which will report each clock synchronization, however, this option may be a bit too noisy to leave on permanently.

Can I sync Windows PC time with Hardware PMU using PTP sync?

If you are using the openPDC, you can do that already by enabling the System Time Sync adapter. It just takes a GPS synchronized input signal and syncs the clock to it: