How Create Output Stream on OpenPDC Running in Linux Server

Hi all!

I installed the latest version of OpenPDC (v2.9.148) on a Linux Debian 9. Opening the web interface, I see that everything works, but there is no button to create an Output Stream.

I saw that in the OpenPDC files there is an executable → CreateOutputStream.exe
But when I try to open with Mono I have no success.

Could anyone help?

2022-08-09 12_58_03-Window

That screen has not been ported to the web UI yet. You will still need to use the openPDC Manager for that task - you can currently only use the manager on Windows as it is a WPF application. That said, you should be able to run the manager on Windows connected to your database on Linux - and even connect the Windows-based manager application to the running Linux-based openPDC service.

Here are some instructions - see later chapters on “Updating Configuration Using the openPDC Manager”:


Ok Ritchie,
Thanks for your instructions.

Also, for reference, you can use CreateOutputStream with a CSV to create an output stream - but there currently no instructions, just code - but you can infer needed columns from the source code: