HistorianPlayback Utility source code (for openPDC v2.3)

We are looking for the source code of the HistorianPlayback utility that was part of the openPDC v2.3 but it is NOT included in the openPDC source code.

Explanation : We are running a openPDC v2.3 since 2015 with lots of data (more than 3TB of .d files). Now we need to process all of those historic files and extract events by looking at specific signatures (underfrequency, overvoltages, etc…) in ALL of those .d files!

The easiest solution we found would be to add snippet of codes to the HistorianPlayback utility (current version we have mentions in the header v2.1.348).
The problem is that we can’t find the source code of the HistorianPlayback that is part of the openPDC-2.3.zip file of source code found at : https://github.com/GridProtectionAlliance/openPDC/archive/v2.3.zip

Does somebody have access to this source code ?

The only source code of HistorianPlayback we found was at the old CodePlex site but it was for openPDC v1.x and is not compatible with our archives.

P.S. It is impossible, at the moment, to convert the .d files into openHistorian 2.x file format, so this is not a solution.

I suspect the latest version of Historian Playback Utility would be okay, but if you feel you must have v2.1.348 specifically, you can find it here.


Thanks very much… exactly what I was looking

Best regards

Hello mmbriant
I am looking to download Historian Playback/Export utility v 2.1.264.Please provide the link if you have.

Here’s the link to the source code.

For the binaries, download openPDC v2.2.

Stephen Thank you for your help.