Historian viewer crash

Hi guys

I recently picked up a openPDC server which has been online for 2 years and wanted to see what it has recorded. it got 500GB data archived. The problem is that I cant open Historian viewer and it keeps crashing not even before I choose the archive location.

I tried to extract the historianviewer.exe from latest release and it can be opened. but once I choose the archive location and click “Finish”. it crashes again.

The openPDC is running on windows server 2008.

Thanks for any comment and advise!

A little update.
I tried the historian migration utility from openHistorian2 to convert the above mentioned files and got following error message.

[GSFHistorian] Error attempting to open archive: Value must be positive or -1

Anyone might know what could be the problem?


Hi smy3318,

That error indicates one of the files in your archive is likely corrupt. Incidentally, this is typically a crippling error for the openPDC, which will fail to write any data to the archive and instead will build up memory until the system runs out of it. The fix typically involves stopping the openPDC service; deleting ppa_dbase.dat, ppa_startup.dat, and scratch.dat; and finally restarting the openPDC service. If that doesn’t fix the issue, stop the openPDC service again, delete ppa_archive.d as well, then restart the openPDC service.

As for the Historian Trending Tool, if the tool is crashing at startup before you have a chance to do anything, it’s typically an issue with its startup configuration. The startup configuration is stored in %appdata%\Grid Protection Alliance\HistorianView\LastSession.hdv. Deleting that file will often fix the startup crash.


Hi Stephen

Thank you so much for your reply. As what you said, what happened to this archive is due to failing to write data in a full disk.

Thanks for your advice, however, we have re-configured the openPDC and running it with a new archive. Is there any other way we can extract the data?


The Historian Trending Tool is the best method I know of for extracting data from an openHistorian 1.0 archive. If instead you’re referring to a method of extracting the data from the disk that’s full, it should be a simple matter of moving the archive files to another disk.

If instead you’re asking whether there is another mechanism for capturing data and producing data extracts besides using the openHistorian 1.0, well then I guess what you’re really asking for is an alternative historian for the openPDC. You can always try setting up openHistorian 2.0 or buying a commercial historian such as OSI-PI or eDNA. We’ve also created adapters for CSV, RDBMS systems, MongoDB, and InfluxDB with varying degrees of stability and scalability. You also have the option of rolling your own using a custom output adapter.