Help with IEC 61850

Hi all,

We’ve had everything up and running in a test bed environment for a few months now. We are receiving IEEE C37 streams from 8x PMUs with no problem. We are now attempting to add some IEC 61850 streams from SEL-487s, but are running into issues.

Is there a good resource for setting openPDC up to receive IEC 61850 streams? Specifically, when configuring the input streams in openPDC, what does the connection string need to be, etc.? My understanding is that 61850 doesn’t use IP, only Ethernet framing. Is that right?


The protocol supported related to 61850 is the “90-5” portion of the protocol which is used to send synchrophasors. Is this what you are looking for?

I guess we’re looking for a more specific example of how to setup an input device using this protocol. What information is required for the connection string since this protocol only uses multicast MAC addresses, not IP/TCP, etc.

In the case of 90-5, this rides on TCP/IP, just like IEEE C37.118?

Hmm, we might have an SEL 487B misconfigured then, because our GOOSE packets are absolutely not using TCP/IP based off the packet captures. There is zero IP addressing in the packets.