GSF Development Dependency for Help.shfbproj Projects

I’m working through an [exercise]( for building GridSolutionsFramework from source code. The link below points to the step in the exercise. When I first time Open the GridSolutionsFramework.sln in Visual Studio 2015 Update 3, I’m prompted to “Review Project and Solutions Changes” related to the following 2 projects in the solution:

  • AdapterHelp.shfbproj
  • GridSolutionsFrameworkHelp.shfbproj

Exercise step:

Review Project and Solutions Changes dialog screenshot

Question: What software or extension do I need on the development machine to resolve this?
Answer: Sandcastle Help File Builder (SHFB)


This used to be all you needed - I am guessing that many of these tools are way out of date though and you just need latest versions:

We have this so we can automate documentation - but since we’ve updated our build box, we haven’t re-enabled this in a while - FYI @StephenCWills

Seems like to GSF it too quite a while to build the docs - but it does produce nice results:

Make sure on this page to expand the “root node” to see all documentation produced…


.shfbproj projects are not loading in Visual Studio 2017 professional. I tried to install Install-Package EWSoftware.SHFB -Version 2019.11.17. But still no success. Can you please help?

…\GridSolutionsFramework\Source\Documentation\AdapterHelp\AdapterHelp.shfbproj 1

Make sure you install the Visual Studio extensions for Sandcastle Help File Builder. I don’t know if that’s included in the NuGet package.

Thanks, its working fine.

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