Grafana and OHSTAT - Trouble with query/API

Hi, I’m trying to create a Grafana dashboard to display the status of some of my PMU’s.

The connection to the OHSTAT database is ok, I can verify that by opening the ‘system status’/inbuilt dashboard in grafana.

Although when I create a new dashboard, and create a new panel, I select the OHSTAT as my database, I can see all of the elements as per the list here

Though when I select an element it always gives the me the same error, regarding the ‘panelId’. Running the query inspector it shows that I’m having a problem with the ‘panelId’

Any idea what’s going wrong here?


I’m far from beeing an expert in using the OHSTAT datasource but maybe I can help…
Which version of OpenHistorian (and therefore of Grafana) do you use ?
Which visualization are you trying to use ?

I do not use the “ELEMENT” way to design the queries in Grafana, I find it more easy to use the “Text Editor” way. By doing this, I can for example filter the Activemeasurements table like this : Interval(0,FILTER ActiveMeasurements WHERE SignalReference LIKE ‘%PMU1-ST4%’). By doing this I am able to have some data even by requesting OHDATA.
Which STAT data are you trying to filter ?

In the latest versions of OpenHistorian, Grafana 9.x has been implemented. The GPAPhasorMap (showing the location of PMU on a world map); and the OpenHistorianAlarmPanel views are working fine.

  • For the first one you’ll have to fill in the PMU’s longitude and latitude in the OpenHistorian Manager, and filter OHDATA with for example a query like FILTER ActiveMeasurements WHERE SignalType like ‘VPHM’
  • For the second one you we’ll have to set up a ‘alarmPanelState custom adapter’ in OpenHistorian Manager.

I find them very usefull to quickly check the PMU status.

Hoping this can help you,