Getting started with the Kafka Time-series Producer adapter

Hi everyone,
We’re trying to implement OpenPDC to stream measurements from PMUs into to the Kafka cluster. OpenPDC is installed and streaming data to a CSV file.

I want to implement the Kafka Time-series Producer adapter using Java to output the data. I’ve looked at the documents on Git and on the official GPA page but couldn’t find a comprehensive guide with steps to get started.
Would really appreciate if you could help out or direct to a source.
Below is the current setup.

  • OpenPDC installed on Windows Server 2019
  • Kafka multi-broker cluster up and running

Thanks in advance!

There is a Kafka adapter built into openPDC:

Hello and thank you very much for the prompt reply.
I’ve managed to put the configuration values in the KafkaProducer adapter in the output stream. I’ve put the following values but unable to see the data in the Kafka Console Consumer side.
Server=kafka boorstartp server:port
Topic=existing Kafka topic name
InputMeasurementKeys=selected multiple values
Saved, initialized and also tried Restarting the service from the Home page. But still unable to see the values in the Topic.

Able to see the values in the Graph Measurement.
Not sure if we need to connect the KafkaAdapter to the input stream by changing some parameters or set more values in the KafkaAdapter settings.
Please assist.
Thank you very much.