Frequency is not getting shown in the frequency chart

Hello all, I am trying to connect GTNET PMU in RTDS with the nominal frequency of 60 Hz. If I change the frequency in the RTDS simulation close to 60 Hz, the frequency is not shown in the graph. However the real time frequency is getting change in the real time data output. If the frequency is changed to 50 or 70 Hz, the frequency chart is showing the frequency value. Please suggest me a solution.

Click the link above the graph called Display Settings and increase the frequency range min/max values to ensure the values are in range of what the graph allows.

Hi Sir, I am unable to find the option for display settings on PMU connection tester frequency graph. For nominal frequency 60 Hz plot is not updating, but for other frequencies 50 or 70 Hz. Please find the attachment for reference.

Please find the attached image for 50 Hz.

Sorry - thought you were referring to the openPDC Manager application, which has these adjustment options.

Although the frequency axis in the PMU Connection Tester has always been hardcoded between 59.9 and 60.1:

PMUConnectionTester/Source/Tools/PMUConnectionTester/PMUConnectionTester/PMUConnectionTester.cs at master · GridProtectionAlliance/PMUConnectionTester (

I know it auto adjusts, because it works with 50Hz systems just fine. That said, I have never tested the tool with frequencies that are outside a tight range. I suspect what you ask would require a code adjustment.

You can always use the tool to export data to a CSV, e.g., File > Capture > Start Stream Debug Capture... from the main menu to verify your values.


Also, just re-read your original message - looks like I misread your issue. Not sure why it’s not displaying 60Hz, that is odd. Can you verify the data with a stream debug capture?