Frame rate, Data rate in Real-time: How to Store?

Hi all,
I am sending synchrophasor data using a C37.118 python library.

I have managed to establish a connection and see the data in the GUI.
I am changing the frames per second dynamically in the PMU. The PMU configuration frame is changed during run-time. The resulting change in frame rate is displayed in the PMU Connection tester Frames/sec window [2], but the configured frame rate remains stuck to the initial value [1]. If I disconnect-Reconnect, the updated configured frame rate is shown. Any reason for this?
I have a two more questions:

  1. What is the unit of Bit rate (Mbps)? Megabits/second, right? [3]
  2. I want to record these frames/sec and bit rate (mbps) values along with the phasor values. Can I use openPDC to serve this purpose?
    Thanks in advance,
    Pratyush Das

Hello Pratyush,

The configured frame rate is the frame rate as reported in the configuration frame from the PMU. The PMU Connection Tester will request the configuration frame when it initiates a connection so that it can properly decode the data frames, but it will not request a new one when the frame rate changes. Since you’re using a TCP channel, you can request the configuration frame using the Command drop-down to select Send Config Frame 2 and clicking the Send button. I’d expect that the configured frame rate would change after you did that.

As for your other questions:

  1. Yes, the unit is Mbps.
  2. openPDC does calculate a number of “input stream statistics” for each connection on 10-second intervals and collects them in a historian archive. These statistics include the “actual frame rate” and “actual data rate” which are the two values from the PMU Connection Tester status bar that you’d like to record.