Failover option for input streams in openPDC

Is openPDC stream capable of consuming data from the multiple sources(configure multiple target hosts/IP to act as the Source of data). This way, if one path fails, the next will be tried, and so on until the Source has a good connection and data is retrieved

I have tried to locate for any settings in input stream but could not notice any such settings(or maybe i missed)

Normally we just set things up with both connections active and using the same source configuration – this just gets double the measurements for the same points and lets the adapters deal with the duplicates. The nice thing about this approach is that even for small data drops, e.g., over UDP, the system will automatically use the other data.

To enable this you simply add a second device manually, i.e., not through the wizard, setup the desired connection string and add SharedMapping=[ParentDeviceAcronym] to the connection string. This basically tells the device to use the configuration of the “other” device.


Thanks Ritchie,
Some more curious question.How would the output stream pick a measurement value in a case with availability of duplicate data?

The output stream would handle the duplicates using the same logic used to handle downsampling.