Export data to an Influx Database


I’m trying to export time-series data from openHistorian to a InfluxDB database (located on the same machine) using the InfluxDB Output adapter. This message is shown on the system console when I initialize the output adapter:

error open historian

I’ve already enabled http conections on InfluxDB config. file, and have no username/password restrictions on my database.

This is my connection string (to a database called “openHistTestdb” previously created):

DatabaseName = openHistTestdb;
ServerUri = http://localhost:8086;
InputMeasurementKeys = bda8e873-77b1-477e-9059-ca699988cac6;
RequeueOnException = True;
Password = root;
UseParallelPosting = True;
UserName = root;
ValuesPerPost = 50

How can I establish this connection to influxDB?


Can you hit http://localhost:8086 with a browser successfully?

The 404 error just says it can’t hit the end point.



Same error is shown in the browser.

Since we are sending CSV files to an Influx database through localhost:8086, using a Python code, with no problems, we are trying to figure out if this is something related to openHistorian or is it related to InfluxDB configuration only.

The 404 error means that the web API call was not found. The web API call in this case should be the following.
GET http://localhost:8086/db/openHistTestdb/authenticate?u=root&p=root

I don’t know much about InfluxDB, but I would say it’s equally likely to indicate that either openHistorian is not calling the API correctly (the code was last updated around four years ago) or the database it’s authenticating to does not exist.

I’m new here. I’m getting the same problem. Anyone who solved this?

Having learned a bit more about the latest version of InfluxDB over the past year, I would definitely say that openHistorian needs a new InfluxDB adapter. The C# client for InfluxDB depends on .NET Standard so openHistorian would also have to be updated to target .NET Framework 4.7.2 or later. So there’s a lot that needs to be done to update the InfluxDB integration.

Perhaps the existing adapter would still work against InfluxDB 1.8?