Enable PDQtracker

Hi all!
I am trying to get PDQtracker reports (completeness and correctness), however the reports do not contain any PMU stat data. It’s required to enable any additional process in Openhistorian?
Any recommendation?

Thanks in advance.

The PDQTracker is designed to be an independent, standalone tool to create synchrophasor reports in an infrastructure. You will need to feed it data in order for it to produce reports. Generally speaking, this tool is designed for companies who are using non-GPA software to get synchrophasor reports.

If you are already using a GPA tool, e.g., openHistorian, then these reports are already “built-in” and you don’t need to install PDQTracker (unless it supports your architecture requirements).


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Hi Ritchie, thank you for your answer.

I got the PDQtracker report blank or with zero values.
What can I check or configure?, I have pmu signals in openhistorian.

pdqtracker !

Are you using the report from within openHistorian or did you install PDQTracker as a standalone tool?

If you ran the report from directly within openHistorian and it has been running for more than a day with one or more connected devices, then I would expect to see data there. If you are running the report from a standalone PDQTracker installation, note that you must configure the tool to receive a real-time data feed so that it can monitor data quality.


Hi Ritchie,

I’m using reports directly within openHistorian and it has been running for more than a day with some connected devices.

Should I check any windows service or process?

Thanks in advance.

It’s possible that this may be a regional issue with date formats, as I see your date formatted as 17/01/2021. Could you try changing to U.S. style regional date formats for Windows, i.e., mm/dd/yyyy and restarting computer to see if that helps with report generation? If that does work, we can post an issue related to non-US date formatting.

Hi Ritchie,

Thank you for answering quickly.
Ok, I changed the date format to mm/dd/yyyy just like you indicated me.
I am going to leave a few days this configuration to test the reports again.

I´ll let you be informed.
Thanks in advance.