Easy Setup of Many Tags?


The web interface and console manager are both very easy to use to setup individual modbus measurements, but I was wondering if there is an easy way to setup a lot of them all at once? A CSV import maybe? I noticed I can import a JSON file, that if I export it first I can see its structure, but it isn’t any faster to type every point in a JSON compared to working in excel.


Maybe a simple converter from CSV to JSON would be useful? Or a way to upload CSV should be rather easy, then convert server side as needed…


I’m looking at the JSON, it seems simple enough each record only has 4 fields. What pops out at me though is it doesn’t have a historian field, so I wonder if I would have to go into the manager and manually set each to PPA?


So using the following:

recordType, address, description, dataValue
2, "483", "MS FLTR BNK VA", ""
2, "484", "MS FLTR BNK VB", ""
2, "485", "MS FLTR BNK VC", ""

Combined with a converter at csvjson.com you can convert and copy / paste relatively easily. I haven’t got the sequence or device level to work yet.


I think the screen automatically assigns the default historian for the “device” - and measurements for the device then automatically get archived. Don’t recall that the screen allows this selection otherwise, but it’s been a while since I’ve looked at it…



By default when I add a measurement this screen has “Historian: Select Historian” in order to get the measurement to log data and show up in the monitoring section of the web interface, I have to manually go in and set this to “Historian: PPA” for each point.


I believe if you set the RTAC-MOD device historian it should auto-assign all assoicated points to the historian. If this is not the case, I need to go home and rethink my life… :wink:


Setting historian to PPA does not auto-assign points. Is there somewhere else to set it so it does?


That’s the one. I will need to do some testing here - but I would expect that to work.


So if I add a point inside of the OH manager it will auto assign historian to PPA. If I add the point through the web interface / JSON upload it will not.


I think we need to fix that :-p