E-mail about channel state-data

I have created dashboard with all channels based on device monitor adapter. I want to create e-mail notifier when there are no data in some channel.
How I understand, first I need to add new Adapter with type E-mail notifier. What should be setted in Connection string?
Then I guess Notification channel should be added in Grafana. At the moment it gives me error when testing - SMTP not configured…

Can you please give instructions step by step, how to get e-mail when there are no data in channel?

I usually use this adapter:

  • Email Notification - (action) sends an e-mail when time-series values trigger a Boolean expression as True

When you add the adapter, you need to trigger off a measurement value, commonly a boolean value like an alarm that is triggered when the value is > 0. There connection string parameters on the adapter to set the SMTP server and other e-mail properties.


How can I check if notification was sent from OH, or status about what adapter did/did not?

This is my example configuration for adapter. E-mail is not recieving.
VariableList={x = PPA:399; y = PPA:399}; ExpressionText=x+y > 0; Body=test; From=OHmanager@tester.lv; SmtpServer=mail.xxxxxx.lv; Subject=Status; ToRecipients=andis.xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxx.lv

Open the remote console application, standalone app, or from inside UI or web-based manager application, and enter the command ls /a (or list /a) - this will enumerate all action adapters. For reference ls /i will enumerate input adapters, ls /o will enumerate output adapters and ls /f will enumerate filter adapters.

One of these should be your e-mail notification adapter. This will have a name and an associated run-time ID. Enter the following command ls <id> (or ls <name>) where <id> is the run-time ID of your adapter (or where <name> is the given name of your adapter). For example, if your e-mail adapter had an ID of 12, you would enter ls 12 into the console and press enter. Note that text you are typing can be interrupted by ongoing service messages, in these cases just keep typing, your keystrokes are being recorded and will still provide proper feedback.

The status information that gets returned for your adapter will include statistics on the number of expression successes, failures and total e-mail operations as well as other operational adapter details.

Hope that helps!


This is the adapter info what I got from console:

Do you see there something incorrect/suspicious?