Drift in Local clock and real time measurement in openHistorian

Hello Sir,
I was using web version of openHistorian to export data in csv, everything was working fine and I was able to collect data. Now, after few days when I was trying to collect data, I was unable to trend the data or export it. I noticed that the real time measurement shows timestamps other than the local clock, how can I rectify this error. I have attached the screenshots for the same.
What could be the reason for such a drift in time?

Also how can I delete previously stored files of openHistorian?
Will deleting the files stored at path "C:\Program Files\openHistorian\Archive" solve the purpose?

P.S. - I used openECA and added the same PMU devices, I thought the problem might be because both the PMU were connected to openHistorian and openECA at the same time, so I uninstalled openECA. Still I faced the same problem.

Adnan Iqbal

Hello Sir,
I noticed that I had earlier disable my SNTP server and I forgot to enable it, hence it cause this problem. Sorry for the inconvenience. I am now getting the measurements.

Thank you,
Adnan Iqbal

Great to hear. Also, yes, clearing out data in the “Archive” folder with the openHistorian service stopped will clear out needed space.

Note however the system can be configured to do this automatically by adding the MaximumArchiveDays parameter to the connection string, for example, navigate to “Outputs / Historian Instances” and select the PPA historian, then add MaximumArchiveDays = 5 to the connection string parameter to limit total days of archive files to five. Make sure to click Save and then Initialize to apply the changes.

Thank you for the Help.

Adnan Iqbal