Does the InfluxDB Output adapter work with Influx2.0?

that’s mostly my question. InfluxDB has released a new version of his platform with big changes on it - for example, in InfluxDB 1.x, data is stored in databases, while in InfluxDB OSS 2.0, data is stored in buckets. Is there any new version of the InfluxDB Output adapter avalaible wich works with Influx2.0?


We’ve not updated our built-in adapter in a while, but we did play around with taking streaming data from openPDC/openHistorian and sending this to Influx 2.0 using a standalone tool. It basically subscribes to openPDC for streaming data using STTP and then sends data to Influx using a custom “measurement-focused” bucket.See this project:

Thanks! That’s what I was looking for. Do you have any tutorial/ documentation? I’ve never use an standalone tool and have no idea how to implement it.

Hello !

I’m also interested in :

  • How to dl from github and make this tool working on a Window server
  • How to configure OpenHistorian adapter / STTP2HIDS/grafana in order to gather data from InfluxDB use it in grafana.

Is there any tutorial ?

(or maybe a futur update of the InfluxDB output adapter in openPDC / OpenHistorian ?)

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So I’ve been trying for a while to make this work, but I couldn’t. Is there a specific configuration for OpenPDC I need? I’m a bit confuse about the role of the STTP!DATAPUBLISHER related to this standalone tool. Do I need to configure it? Or does the dotnet app makes all the connection by itself?

All I’ve been capable of is running the tool with the command:

dotnet run -t"xxxtokenxxx" XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:7165 XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:8086

where the first IP refers to openPDC, and the second one refers to Influxdb. Am I using the right openPDC port to connect? When I execute it, it returns the following:

And the connection is close inmediatly. This is what I have at the openPDC console:

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